Pivot to Positive Word Power

Did you know that a single negative word can increase fear and stress in the brain, while positive words promote brain function? Using positive words improves people’s mood both at home and at work. This is true in ordinary times and imagine the increased impact during a pandemic. Deliberately choosing positive language takes energy and awareness but it’s worth in it the long run. Consider how you can start ditching words like no, not, can’t won’t in your writing or when speaking with others. Recognize negative words like “unfortunately,” “impossible” and “problems” as flags and look for ways to revise.  It took me a long time and I’m still working on it. With that in mind, here are some negative words and phrases that are used often along with positive alternatives. Try leading by example and choose positivity to help overcome the negativity of these uncharted times.


How to Turn 10 Everyday Phrases



Don’t hesitate to call Please call
Don’t forget Remember
I’m not available on.. I can meet at…
Why not? Sounds good
I can’t hear you Can you speak louder / more clearly
It’s not hard to do You can do hard things
Not a problem You are welcome
I can’t talk now Can I talk to you later?
I won’t buy that Instead of that, what if we….
Don’t get upset I understand you feel  that way…