Weiler Nutrition Communications

is a Toronto based consulting practice which focuses on unlocking the power of food for health and wellness through nutrition education, counselling, business to business strategic marketing  and regulatory affairs related to food and beverages.

About Weiler Nutrition Communications Inc.

Our team is led by Lucia Weiler, Registered Dietitian and a Professional Home Economist and a recognized leader in the dietetics and food industry. With over 25 years of experience in nutrition education, food innovation, labelling, and strategy development, Lucia is a recognized food trends expert, educator, and media spokesperson.

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📣 Rethinking BMI! 🤔 DYK that BMI might not be reliable? Experts @DietitiansCAN Conference reco’d moving away from it. Healthcare pros focus on overall health, not just body size. Let’s embrace weight-inclusive care! 🩺🌟 More info at blog https://nutritionfornonnutritionists.com/2023/09/nutrition-in-the-news-bmi-controversy-rethinking-in-dietetics/ . #dietitian

FOOD SAFETY – 5 tips to prevent of Ecoli #foodpoison
 👉1. Clean fruits & veg in water & wash your hands
👉2. Separate raw meat from ready-to-eat foods
👉3. Cook & reheat food thoroughly. Use a food thermometer https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/general-food-safety-tips/safe-internal-cooking-temperatures.html#s2
👉4. Chill food at 4°C
👉5. Avoid raw milk

What exactly is the aspartame controversy all about? Read about the issue, the news coverage, and what this means for Canadian consumers and food makers. Article available at link https://nutritionfornonnutritionists.com/2023/09/nutrition-in-the-news-aspartame/ and at http://n4nn.ca. What’s your question about #aspartame ?

Weiler Nutrition Communications Inc. team participates as active members of leading food and nutrition associations.
College of Dieticians of Ontario
Dieticians of Canada Award Recipient