Why work with a Registered Dietitian (RD)?

1. RDs are the only regulated health professionals in the field of nutrition and are held accountable for safe, competent and ethical nutrition services.
2. Dietitians are food and nutrition experts qualified to offer Canadians trust-worthy, science-based advice tailored to their health goals, preferences, and lifestyles.
3. Dietitians promote health through food and nutrition (1)

As a Registered Dietitian and Professional Home Economist Lucia is an expert partner in food and nutrition who helps clients benefit from nutrition insights and food science knowledge to produce results.

Request Lucia as a Speaker for your 2017 & 2018 events,  conference or symposium! Contact Lucia to discuss her engaging speaker series about food trends, health and nutrition. Click here for more information.

  • Strategic Marketing
    • Food and nutrition innovation, product differentiation
    • Program planning, implementation and evaluation
    • Consumer and business-to-business communication
  • Public Relations / Media
    • Expert professional spokesperson
    • Event management / communication
    • Issues management and alliance building
  • Courses and Seminars
  • Writing / Research
    • Consumer and professional audiences
    • On trend and evidence based resource or content development
    • Scientific literature research
  • Food & Menu Labelling; Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs 
    • Professional Nutrition Analysis, Nutrition Facts Table (NEW FORMAT standard or customized; Health Canada & CFIA compliant)
    • Food & nutrition labelling, nutrient & health claims
    • Allergen labelling
    • Food, recipe and menu analysis/audit for credible health and wellness criteria
    • Restaurant menu labelling
    • Product and recipe development, Food science support
    • Food safety  audit & training (TrainCan Basic & Advanced)