Thanksgiving reflection – How I became a dietitian

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Many of you know me as a registered dietitian, food scientist and professional home economist. In my work as leader, teacher and mentor I’m often asked to reflect on my career path. Do you love food? I do! That’s where it all began. My interest in the science of food and nutrition was sparked by my father (Dr. Tibor Heim), who was a researcher exploring the nutrient needs of sick children to help them grow. He discovered much about energy metabolism, types of fats and became a world leader in his field. He also enjoyed cooking and telling stories. I grew up liking family meals, eating what was put on the table and discussing how good nutrition has the power to enhance lives and improve health. At university I was naturally drawn to study nutrition science, and I specialized in food chemistry and microbiology. After rigorous training, I worked as a food scientist and helped ensure that foods sold to Canadians were safe, nutritious and tasted great. Today, I am still driven by the curiosity to understand the science behind food and its connection to health. I now work as an advisor, teacher and speaker with expertise in translating the science of nutrition to help unlock food’s potential and support healthy living. I’m also honoured to serve the dietetic profession as a Director of the Board, Dietitians of Canada and help shape the future of nutrition. I’m looking forward to celebrating food with you and sharing more tasty recipes, hot topics and stories from behind the scenes.

Originally published  by Candian Food Focus

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