Let you voice be heard! – New Canadian food label consultation is now open

nOn July 14th Health Canada invited consumers and stakeholders to provide input on proposed changes to the nutrition label. I encourage everyone with an interest in nutrition to participate!

The Canadian proposal follows consultation with consumers and health professionals and are similar to new food labels announced recently in the USA. In summary, the proposed label’s goals are to make comparing foods easier by providing more consistent serving sizes and updated formatting. Also there is an increased focus on calories and key nutrients important for public health. For more background, Health Canada’s made available three Fact Sheets on: Serving Sizes , Nutrition Facts table and Ingredient List and Sugar Content . Take a look at the proposed changes to the familiar nutrition facts panel and see if they make the label easier for you to understand and help you make more informed food choice decisions.  Health Canada’s open consultation is available until September 11, 2014. The link to participate is at