Satiety – a Promising Health Claim

Health Canada recently collected stakeholder input on the criteria for the proposed satiety health claim. Satiety is an important claim globally with numerous new launches in international markets. Many of the new products were based on fibre and/or protein. Market researchers expect more new satiety products as studies into pea, potato, whey, milk and other proteins increases.
The satiety claim in Canada will be an important step toward achieving claims that support innovation and meet consumer needs. Communication about the product must be properly worded and not create the impression that foods carrying satiety claims would help individuals control food intake and manage body weight. Several suggested wordings for the claim appeared in the consultation document and may be of interest to your business. In my experience consumers prefer positive words such as “gives feelings of fullness longer” over negative/restrictive words such as “suppresses hunger”. It’s important to note that food products sold in Canada with the satiety claim must be substantiated using human studies.