Healthy Women, Healthy Lives, A Guide to Preventing Disease from the Landmark Nurses’ Health Study

A Harvard Medical School Book.
Published by Fireside, 2001
Edited by Susan Hankinson, Graham Colditz, JoAnn Manson and Frank Speizer.
2002, $25.00


The authors have done a very good job of explaining the Nurses Health Study and using diagrams to help put women’s risk of disease into perspective. It is a fabulous resource on how to use nutrition and lifestyle changes to help keep you healthy and reduce your risk of disease. The book is very well laid out, and information is easy to find both in the lowering risk and in the behaviour management sections. The thorough indexing makes quick referencing easy.


The consensus on the book was clear. We like it, however we’re not sure that consumers will like it. Although this book is sold at bookstores ($ 25.00), it does read more like a manual for professionals rather than the next non-fiction best seller for the general public. If you are highly motivated about your health and reducing your disease risk you will be able to read it cover to cover. Otherwise, the average consumer may find it overly technical and somewhat repetitive.

The Final Word

Every dietitian should own a copy of this excellent reference book! We feel we can rely on the research here and we plan to use it as a quick and efficient way to give us the supporting data we need when preparing articles, seminars and client materials. Consumers need to give this book a once over before purchasing it to see if they are up for the content.

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